HAn Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed

by me


An Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed by me


Hello friends, today I will talk about my new amazing sketch which is trending topic. So, let’s begin with this topic of :-

“An Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed by me”.

Let’s start with “An Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed by me”.

Description of sketch :-

In this sketch, I designed my An Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed by me.

The rollercoaster ride with lots of curves, up & down tracks, high raised tracks, bridges, etc.

This ride is really fantastic and very scariest for the riders.

This having lot of curvey tracks, up and down, underpass and bridges.

Also this rollercoaster sketch is looking real and makes the mood to let’s ride on it.

Let’s begin with this sketch, where I will share my amazing sketch made by me, through my imagination.

“How to draw Rollercoaster sketch step by step “….




An Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed by me

 1. A Rollercoaster is a ride that is mostly seen in the amusement parks as well as  in the theme parks around the world.

 2.But Most of the rollercoasters are working on the system by pulling up a by a chain or cable and released from downhill.!!!

 3. For the safety of riders, various safety instruments are provided in the system…

 4. The Designing and construction of any type of Rollercoaster is the most important part.

5. They require the knowledge to make the ride comfortable and also to avoid strain to the riders.

In India, there are also many theme parks in which rollercoasters are avaialble for rides.

Some of the rollercoaster rides having dive into water and again comeout.

New new ideas are forming for attracting peoples in theme parks.

In vaccation time, there is lot of rush in the theme parks.

Rollercoaster ride is one of the most likely as well as attractive rides as compared to other rides.

In Mumbai, some of the most visiting and trending theme parks are : Esselworld, Tikujiniwadi, Adlabs Imagica, etc.

The world got its first roller coaster that opened in Parc Beaujon, Paris, on July 8, 1817.


Top 10 world’s scariest Rollercoaster rides are beolw :-

1. Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ

This is the world’s tallest roller coaster, having a great height of about 456 feet at a breathtaking speed of 128 miles per hour.

An Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed by me

Due to the large height, these gaves the acceleration rate that can put to shame even the speediest cars in the world, going from 0 to 60mph in just two seconds.

This scary ride it makes sure for the riders for a scary experience that will stay with you for a long time.

An Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed by me


2. Formula Rossa, Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi.

This is located in Ferrari World, an amusement park inspired by race car driving.

The presents the thrill of car racing with vertical twists. Dubbed as the fastest roller coaster in the world.

An Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed by me

It ride you through a 1.3 mile distance in just 90 seconds, scaling a top speed of 149 miles per hour.

This Formula Rossa make blink-and-miss ride makes for a memorable, heady journey.


3. Takabisha, Fuji-Q Highland Theme Park, Japan

The word ‘takabisha’, meaning in Japanese  is befitting of this stomach-churning ride.

But also this rides boasts of the world’s steepest drop.

In this roller-coasters riders taken to a height of 141 feet, and plummets them down a steep vertical drop at an angle of 121 degree going at 62.1 mph.

This is the scariest, longest ride of 1.52 seconds of your life!


4. Gravity Max, Lihpao Land Discovery World, Taiwan

In this riders experience a height of 114-feet high lift and stays perched there for a few seconds, giving you a chance to take in the panoramic view.

An Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed by me

As well as feel butterflies unleashing in your stomach before going down a 34-storey vertical drop aligned at an angle of 90 degrees.

Then, it tilts on the way down, earning the distinction of being the world’s only ‘tilting’ roller coaster of its kind.

An Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed by me



5. Nitro, Imagica, India.

The Amazing as well as scariest ride at the Imagica Theme Park near of the Mumbai.

This is the country’s wildest but also biggest roller-coaster with a track running a whopping 2,800 feet.

An Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed by me

It goes to a maximum height of 132-feet before taking a hair-raising free fall.

In this there are enough spins, twists as well as turns along the way to leave you with a heady feeling.

But also have a thudding heart at the end of the 150-second-long trip.

Adlabs Imagica is also konwn as the home to the thrilling ride ‘Deep Space’.

Because of the India’s first dark roller coaster ride!!!

In these,the riders launches you into space, where you zip through visuals of galaxies, planets and meteors.

This is Built inside a massive dome, the ride is a high-speed adventure right from the start and is undoubtedly a must-try!


6. Full Throttle, Six Flags Magic Mountain, California.

This having a height about 160-feet, Full Throttle is the world’s tallest vertical loop sporting a modern as well as stark-white steel look.

But also this ride literally goes full throttle right at the onset, launching at a crazy 66 miles per hour as well as  entering the head-spinning loop within the first 5 seconds.


7. Colossos Coaster, Heide Park, Germany

The Colossos coaster in Germany’s Heide Park is the highest wooden roller coaster in the world.

But it is  of 197 feet high as well as the Colossos Coaster takes you through a line-up of crazy drops.

An Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed by me


8. Tower of Terror II, Dreamworld, Queensland, Australia.

Tower of Terror II takes riders to the summit of a gigantic tower offering a bird’s eye view of the entire amusement park.

An Amazing Rollercoaster ride designed by me

But also this goes shooting down a tunnel at an insane 100 miles per hour, only to go rocketing back all the way up to the highest point of its gigantic tower.

The electro-magnetic cars but also Escape Pods as they are called, add in a sense of weightlessness.

As well as making the experience all the more wonderful and amazing.


9. Millennium Force, Cedar Point, Ohio, USA.

Millennium Force having a height of about 310 feet.

At its apex point, this coaster rides offers a panoramic view of Lake Erie before taking riders down a scream-inducing lurch.

The ride begins with a slow uphill crawl as well as then plummets down a 300-feet drop at a great speed of 93 miles per hour.


10.Steel Dragon 2000, Nagashima Spa Land, Mie, Japan.

The Steel Dragon 2000 is the costliest roller coaster in the world.

This is constructed at a cost of $50 million.

It having a maximum height of 318 feet before making the first drop at 95 miles per hour.

But also this rollercoaster having curved steel frame silhouetted against the sky lends it the appearance of a modern-day monster.




The above video is about Top-10 world’s scariest Rollercoaster rides!!!!



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