Best Civil Engineering Logo designed by me


Best Civil Engineering Logo designed

by me


Best Civil Engineering Logo designed by me


Hello friends, Today I will talk about my new Amazing sketch made by me with my imagination and creative ideas of :- “Best Civil Engineering Logo designed by me”.


So, let’s talk about this wonderful sketch which is more trending in Civil field.


Description of sketch :-

In this sketch, I designed my own Civil logo designed with my imagination and creative ideas.

Above logo is my unique and amazing logo made by me with my lot of research as well as  imagination.

You can draw your own Civil Engineering logo by using your own imagination as well as creative ideas.

I will guide you for making the logo step by step easily.

First you have to draw the Civil Engineering name on paper. After that you have to draw designs or any other things from sketch.

For that you can take Refrence from my sketch.

We have to draw all this with light hands.

After all drawing completed, next step was to draw the drawing dark.

Then, do colouring works in sketch.

For colouring work, you can usre watercolour, sketchpen, crayons, oil-pastels,, and some different kinds of colours available in markets.

Important things was that after completing drawing with rough hands, unnecessary lines have to be erased.

Proper finishing have to be also done for looking our sketch more attractive as well as beautiful.

For that you can take help of videos from internet or YouTube.

Best Civil Engineering Logo designed by me

In this sketch, every alphabets in sketch used for showing all the studies as well as works in this field such as :

1.Site visit :

Before starting any construction work or projects, site visit of selected plot done by engineers as well as other technical persons.

2.Planning :

This is second important stage of construction project in this field.

Lots of tests are done on the selected areas before work started.

3.Designing :

This includes designing of all structural components in structures by the architects, proper rules and I.S are followd for designing purposes.

Best Civil Engineering Logo designed by me

4.Surveying  :

In this part, measurements various measurements of areas done in horizontal direction.

As well as levelling done in vertical Direction.

Best Civil Engineering Logo designed by me

5.Estimating & Costing :

After project plan gets ready, the quantities which are required for construction are calculated by using computer softwares.

Best Civil Engineering Logo designed by me


6.Construction :

After sanctioning & other official work, permission, the construction work is started

7.Maintanence :

After few years of construction, some defects in structure arises.

If this not cleared, this will cause harm to stucture as well as life of structure.

As well as also shortly shown the various fields in this branch.

Best Civil Engineering Logo designed by me


Engineering Logo design

By clicking above heading you will get 1000+ many fields logos.

The Engineering is a profession of precision.

Best Civil Engineering Logo designed by me

Including many riding on your calculations being correct, you can’t afford to have a single digit or decimal point out of place.

Logo shows our field work, company brand or represents our company performance.

Then, start creating logo by your some imagination, research as well as creative ideas.

Also, you can create your logo online by clicking below link.

Create your own logo by clicking below Logo word :-


Best Civil Engineering Logo designed by me

Using your own ideas as well as imagination make unique logos here.

Shown your ideas by making amazing logos.

Best Civil Engineering Logo designed by me


This video is about :-👇👇👇👇

How to Design A Modern logo from start to finish…




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By Tejas Anil Chavhan

Hi friends, My name is Tejas A. Chavhan. And I am a pursuing Civil Engineering student from Dilkap research & Institute of Engineering & Management studies, Neral. I made this website to show my amazing and fantastic sketches for the sketch lovers to get inspired from my sketches & get new ideas from my sketches.

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