My Amazing 3D Name sketch made by me in 2021


Best Civil Engineering mobile cover

Designed by me

My Civil Engineering mobile cover designed by me


Hello friends, today I will talk about my new amazing and more trending sketch topic in 2020 of :- “Best  Civil Engineering mobile cover designed by me “.

Best Civil Engineering mobile cover

Let’s start with this amazing post of “Best Civil Engineering mobile cover”.

Best Civil Engineering mobile cover Designed by me


  Description of sketch :-

In this sketch, the subjects which all the Civil Engineering students studies in their diploma and degree courses are shortly shown in form of sketch.

And also, share some information releated to Civil Engineering.

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This video is about the Civil Engineering in Hindi.

This branch is the world’s most widest branch in Engineering field.

This is also known as “Mother of all branches “.

         What is Civil Engineering ?

1.This is the branch which mainly deals with the planning, designing, construction & maintenance of the structures.

2.Incudes as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewer systems, pipelines, structural components of buildings, steel structures, railways, etc.

3.They also plays an very important roles in the fields of public health, safety, and standard of living.

Best Civil Engineering mobile cover Designed by me

4.They also helps in reducing and treating the pollution present in environment by various methods.

5.There is a lot of scope in planning, designing, construction and maintenance industries for the civil engineers.

6.In Private as well as government sector there are too much increasing demand for them.

Best Civil Engineering mobile cover Designed by me

7.There are too much wide scopes in this branch than any other  branch compare to others.

8.The India is an developing country and there is many more construction work going on and there is great demmand of Engineers.

9.And this demmand is increasing day by day.

10.Also due to modern construction technology, fast work is possible and economy can be get in project works.

;Best Civil Engineering mobile cover Designed by me

11.Also there is less chance of errors in project works.

12.The civil students can get their successful life in their career by hardwork and lots of field work ideas.


This above video is about the most important skills which required for a successful Civil Engineer.

Best Civil Engineering mobile cover


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Also read :-

Best countries to study civil engineering

The Famous countries that offer the best and most widely respected civil engineering degrees include the US, UK and Singapore.

For the international students, these all countries offer some of the world’s most highly ranked programs and are popular destinations.

Best Civil Engineering mobile cover

Canada is also the another well known country for the civil engineering destination.

The Netherlands also offers some of the best programs and has a well developed infrastructure as well as transport systems.

Best Civil Engineering mobile cover

Best universities to study civil engineering

Civil Engineering programs abroad offering huge range of institutions.

Including specialist engineering schools or technology colleges as well as universities large multi discipline universities.

Best Civil Engineering mobile cover

To know which university is the best for you to study civil engineering, you should read :-

  • The content and structure of the program that university offers,
  • If the university’s program includes a year in industry or a year abroad.
  • What sort of campus you’d like to live on, e.g. in a city or a leafy suburban area.

You can also draw these mobile cover designed with using your own imagination and creative ideas.

But also you can take help of internet as well as youtube videos.

Form this you will get more better ideas to design.

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By Tejas Anil Chavhan

Hi friends, My name is Tejas A. Chavhan. And I am a pursuing Civil Engineering student from Dilkap research & Institute of Engineering & Management studies, Neral. I made this website to show my amazing and fantastic sketches for the sketch lovers to get inspired from my sketches & get new ideas from my sketches.

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