Best sketch of Boeing 747 takeoff

Best sketch of Boeing 747 takeoff

from C.S.M.I.A.


Sketch of Boeing 747


Hello friends, so let’s begin with this amazing sketch made by me on the topic of :-“Best sketch of Boeing 747 takeoff from C.S.M.I.A.”

Let’s start with the “Best sketch of Boeing 747 takeoff”.

Description about the sketch :-

-In this sketch, I show the Boeing 747 is taking off from  C.S.I.M.A, Mumbai.

Boeing 747 Sketch

-In this sketch, I also shown the terminal building,

-The runway lightning systems,

-Runway markings,

-The taxiway,etc.

Boeing 747 sketch

“Best sketch of Boeing 747 takeoff”, this is my most favorite sketch.



Boeing 747

-In United States, The Boeing 747 is one of the largest manufacturing company of commercial and the Cargo airplanes.

-Many of the airline companies trying to making extra seating arrangements and more comfortable rides to travelers.

-Because of this, the demmand of Boeing 747 airplanes are increasingly per year.

 Boeing 747 Sketch


-The Boeing 747 is the most popular and trending passenger airliners.

-At one time, it can carry up to 416 passengers, with its three-class systems.

 Boeing 747 Sketch

 -The above picture gives deatils about the  Boeing airline company and information about the flights as well as the aeroplanes. 

-Also about the first flight, numbers of plane manufactured, their top speed, Range, type of engine, Wingspan, cost, etc.

– The cost varies from their model, types such as commercial or cargo, size, capacity, speed, etc.

-Companies are trying to give mor comfortable ride to the passengers and more safe journey.

-Due to advancement in technology, safety measurements and devices are installing for giving more safety to the passengers.

Boeing 747 sketch




            C.S.M.I.A, MUMBAI

Boeing 747 sketch









-The C.S.M.I.A is the second busiest airport in the country, after Delhi.

Best sketch of Boeing 747 takeoff

-Watch this amazing video till last, because in this full tour of the Mumbai International Airport is shown.


Boeing 747 sketch

-Also C.S.M.I.A is the 14th busiest airport in Asia and also the 28th busiest airport in the world by the passenger traffic in the year 2017.

-The passenger traffic is around 49.8 million in the year 2018.

-It handles about 950 aircrafts movements per day.

-This airport has two operating terminals spread over an area of 1,850 acres.

This airport has two passenger terminals:-

Terminal 1:

It is at Santacruz for domestic flights,

Terminal 2:

-Terminal 2 is located at Sahar for international as well as for the domestic flights.

-The “World’s Best Airport” at Airport Service Quality Awards is awarded in 2017.

-It’s interior and exterior designs make it’s attractive.

Boeing 747 Sketch


   Air Traffic Control(A.T.C)

-This airport has India’s second tallest Air Traffic Control Tower, with a height of 85 m, after Delhi airport (101.9 m).

-From the new A.T.C tower, air traffic controllers are able to see 8 km beyond the thresholds of both runways.

 Airport planning 

Airport planning requires more intensive study as well as experience for project work.

Various surveying works are carried while selecting site for the airport.

Proper transport facilities should also available for the workers and for the other staff members.

While planning and construction, the main part is economy of project.

When site is selected, various field tests are carried out.

Soil testing is important part of planning and construction work.

Because, the area on which proposed airport is to be constructed should having good bearing capacity.

Marshy areas may avoid for construction of such type of projects.

This video is about :- “How to draw Boeing-747 sketch step by step “….👇👇


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