Corona Virus Awareness poster drawing made in 2021




Corona Virus Awareness poster drawing made in 2021


Corona Virus Awareness poster drawing made in 2021


Hello friends, Today I will talk about my new Amazing sketch topic of :- “Corona Virus Awareness poster drawing made in 2021”.

Let’s begin with this amazing as well as more useful topic about the Corona virus awareness poster drawing…. 

Corona Virus Awareness poster

The best way to create awareness among the peoples are by making posters, dramas, role-plays, short movies and many more.

As we are facing many problems due to this virus from last year.

Also we faced situations like lockdown, curfews and many bad situations due to this virus.

But also a huge financial lisses are to faced by everyone during this situations.

If we take proper care of our own by proper guidelines, we protect ourself and our community from this virus.

As spreading of this deadly virus.

Thus, here are some of the most beautiful as well as sharing proper knowledge about the guideline for our safety by the help of this posters.

I am sharing some of the best posters which are made by the school as well as college students :- 👇👇👇

Corona Virus Awareness poster

Above poster ahows the ways for prevention of virus.

Below poster shows, which precautions should be taken for protecting ourself from Corona virus.

Corona Virus Awareness poster



Corona Virus Awareness poster


👇This also showing ways of taking as well as protection of our and others from deadly virus.

Corona Virus Awareness poster


Below poster give great message that, everyone should take care of our doctors, health-care workers, police, doctors, nurses, cleaning workers, etc.

Also we have to salute them for their great works during such situations withput taking care of themselves.


Corona Virus Awareness poster


Respect to our Frontliners, who are fighting against this virus. 

Corona Virus Awareness poster


Do Salute to Corona Fighters… 🙏🙏


Corona Virus Awareness poster


This drawing gaving message that “Stay Home, Save Lifes”…


Corona Virus Awareness poster



Corona Virus Awareness poster


Top poster showing that during Lockdown period, this workers gave their 100% for saving people’s from virus.

We not to forget their contribution in such critical conditions.


Corona Virus Awareness poster


We have to also tale care of this fighters by proper adopting proper precautions.

Corona Virus Awareness poster



These are all the best as well as beautiful poster for spreading awareness about protection from Corona virus.

This video is about, How to draw Corona virus awareness poster step by step :👇👇


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