Step 2 Using a curved line draw the roof of Lamborghini. Note, that Lamborghinis is characterized by its sharp and angular forms.



How to draw a Lambhorgini car step by step



How to draw a Lambhorgini car step by step


Hello friends, today I will talk about my new Amazing sketch made by me with my imagination and creative ideas topic on :- “How to draw a Lambhorgini car step by step”.

So, let’s start with this topic of :- “How to draw a Lambhorgini car step by step”.

In this post, I will also share with you the easy as well as some simple steps of drawing this amazing car.

So read this amazing post completely guys.

Here are the steps for guide you, actually how to draw :-

Step 1

First you have to draw a rectangle with light hands with H or HB pencil.

It will become the main part of our car.

Now, we have to Draw rough lines lightly, don’t force more on pencil.

Lines should be very light as they can easily rub, when some mistake done.

How to draw a Lambhorgini car step by step


Step 2

Next have to Draw a curved line, it is the roof of Lamborghini.

Note, that this car is well-known by its sharp and angular forms.

How to draw a Lambhorgini car step by step


Step 3

In this step, you have to draw Next Sketch out the outlines of the arcs.

By Using light lines draw the windscreen as well as the hood of our car.


How to draw a Lambhorgini car step by step


Step 4

Along this you can, Now start adding to the main details.

Next draw the angular headlights.


Step 5

Draw the lines of the hood as well as the radiator grille.

Now make the angular glass and the side  lines.

Then Sketch out the shapes of wheels.



How to draw a Lambhorgini car step by step


Step 6

Do Erase the guidelines.

Then Dark and smooth the lines.

Make the lines as clean as possible.

Start the details such as the lines on the door glass, mirrHowors as well as the lines on the car body.


How to draw a Lambhorgini car step by step


Step 7

Then, to Draw the texture of the grille using crosshatching.

Also, Draw the nameplate on the hood.


How to draw a Lambhorgini car step by step


Step 8

Here, also Add details inside the headlights.

Now we have to Start drawing rims for our car.

First draw the circles inside of the wheels (it will be the outer edges of the rims).

Now sketch the little circles right in the middle of the wheels.


How to draw a Lambhorgini car step by step


Step 9

Then you have to do add spokes of the rims around the little circles.

Note that you can draw in any form for Lamborghini rims.

Also you can draw the logos or designs on the sides or front of your car sketch.

This will give a stylish as well as more attractive sketch.

After making logo or design, do colouring to that.


How to draw a Lambhorgini car


Step 10

Finally Here, our Lamborghini sketch has been get ready by following the above steps completely !!!

For doing the final touch you can add some shadows using hatching or any other objects.

Thus we successfully created our Lambhorgini sketch Step by step by following the above all steps properly.

Here one more step you can do colouring to this Lambhorgini sketch.

Because, For making more attractiveness as well as more beautiful our drawing work it was important guys.

For doing the colouring work, we can use sketchpen, colour pencil, water colour, oil pastels, crayons, as well as any kind of material as your choice.

By using colors you get a better look as well as more attractive sketch.

One important thing was that after sketching, finishing work is also very important.

But also erasing the unnecessary lines from the sketch for proper drawing.

In Lambhorgini sketch, ypu can show the crar logo as well as some sceenario for more amazing sketch.

From internet you can find many materials based on finishing, colouring of sketch properly with easy tricks as well as steps.

This is the lesson about, how to draw a Lamborghini car sketch step by step very easily….

You can also visit the tutorial about how to draw a car.

This video will better help you for designing a Lamborghini car.

Watch till end.

You will get new ideas as well as new tricks for how to create this sketch easily.

This is another video of : ” How to draw a Lamborghini car “- step by step……

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Guys here I’m sharing one more amazing video on :- “How to draw realistic lambhorgini sketch “.


From above video, you get ideas about how to draw realistic car sketch step by step.

In that video, the sketch was made with time-lapse.

So must watch this video completely.

While along this videos, you can watch another many more videos based on such same topic.

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