How to draw BMW car step by step



How to draw BMW car step by step in 2021


How to draw BMW car step by step in 2021

Hello friends, today I will talk about my new Amazing sketch topic made by me with my imagination and creative ideas on :- “How to draw BMW car step by step in 2021”.

So let’s begin with this amazing topic :- “How to draw BMW car step by step in 2021”.

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In today’s post, Today I will guide you for : How to draw BMW car with video tutorial as well as tips from me in simple language.
But also, Here I will guide you, how even a beginner can put pen to paper and do an easy car sketch with proper perspective.
How to draw BMW car step by step in 2021


Observe car

How to draw BMW car step by step in 2021

1.Before you start your first sketch, you should collect as many impressions as possible. For that you should Observe cars on the street.
2.But also, How are they proportioned?
   How do the lines change depending on how      light hits the vehicle?
  What are the most striking elements?
  From what perspective does the vehicle look  the most dynamic?
How to draw BMW car step by step in 2021

Take your time

I give advice to beginners is don’t set out with the expectation that the very first car sketch will be a winner.

You should be be brave: there are no mistakes, just new food for thought.


A trick that I learned during my studies is this: there’s always a source of light As well as  mostly it’s the sun.

It defines the shading on your design of car.

But also There will need to be multiple bright areas where the rays of that light source hit directly, with the darkest areas correspondingly in the shade.

The Best technique for the hatching: first, fill in the less dark areas with strokes from the tip of your pen, then fill in the darker areas using the flat side.

How to draw BMW car step by step in 2021

Find your own line

While drawing the first lines in drawing that will never be perfect.

You remember that, you Don’t draw a single, continuous line from the front to the rear.

Guys you have to Sketch from a relaxed wrist; feel your way.

As well as the Rough-looking lines create character. Where lines are too perfect, the shape quickly becomes boring.

Important thing that, The lines arise from the emotion. Keep in mind that the Learning to draw for beginners also involves learning to approach perspectives slowly.

We should have to Start with the two-dimensional side view.

When you feel confident, Start to draw your first three-dimensional designs with guidelines as well as do imagine the vehicle as a box in the space.

Your understanding of spatial representation will improve with each car line drawing.

How to draw BMW car step by step

The right use of color

The use of color in drawing, the finishing touch to a sketch of a car.

For that, however, you have to understand the proportions of a car. Color gives the vehicle emotion as well as it makes metal and materials reflect.

You have to Be sure to take note the fact that a car will always interact with its surroundings.

One best example, in sunlight a silver car appears almost blue, as it reflects the sun.

In shaded areas such as towards the base of the vehicle, silver can take on a very warm tone

You may also take help of the color wheel as a guide here.

Important thing was that the lighter the color red becomes, the more it changes to orange, then yellow – in areas of shade it heads toward purple.



How to draw BMW car

2D sketching: getting started

For beginners for design of BMW, I recommend starting with a side view.

For a two-dimensional side view, we have to  start with the footprint on the ground.

After that we have to do Establish where the car is going to be, then start by positioning the two wheels on the defined ground in the form of a circle.

We have to keep Think about the basic shape – are you doing a sports car drawing.

2D sketching: the details

For 2D sketch, we have to sketched out the basic shape, you can go into detail in your car drawing.

It also Design, the roof structure, the columns and the window panes.

Now you have to design of the front as well as the rear is based on the body shape.

Now you have to Finally do the most important to define as well as the position details such as lights, grilles, air intakes but also the rims.etc.

How to draw BMW car step by step

This above sketch was the best example of perfect finishing of any drawing.
3D sketching: the key points

For drawing a 3D vehicle down onto paper is much more difficult.

But also the important key point is to start by giving thought to where as well as, how you want to position the car in the space.

Here are the easy Guidelines will help you to draw a BMW car drawing in the correct perspective as well as you have to show the proportions correctly.

For this you have to just Think of a car sketch like the design of a house: in both cases, vanishing points play a key role.

Remember that you have to keep in mind that There are three crucial elements here – the horizon line, vanishing lines as well as the vanishing point.

Next step was that for The horizon line is the observer’s eye level. You look up to everything above this line; everything below it you see from above.

Next step was that the Vanishing lines are lines that run into the distance.

After that you have then to meet at a point on the horizon line known as the vanishing point.

Above video was of :- “How to draw Realistic BMW car sketch “…😇


For doing the shading works, we have to do important is to take your time as well as the work slowly.

Doing of proper shading, make sure initially to leave all upward-facing surfaces free. These are the areas onto which the light falls.

In this step we have to Do gradually hatch all other areas in light gray – the more the area angles towards the ground, the darker as well as  for denser you fill it in with closely spaced parallel lines.

As well as for daylight, the upward-facing surfaces of vehicles reflect the sky

These are correspondingly brighter than those areas that face the ground.


The most important work to start with the lightest shading of that color if possible.

For that we have to do paint be matte or gloss?

The light as well as you have to show the shadow reflections depend on this finish.

Because It’s best to start with shades of gray. But also it was then provide emphasis, perhaps with red, at the appropriate points.

Below video was on :- ” How to draw BMW drawing “.


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