How to draw Eiffel Tower step by step in 2021


How to draw Eiffel Tower step by step in 2021

How to draw Eiffel Tower step by step in 2021


Hello friends today I will talk about my new Amazing sketch topic of :- “How to draw Eiffel Tower step by step in 2021″.

So let’s begin with this amazing sketch topic of   :- How to draw Eiffel Tower step by step in 2021.

Here I will guide you for making the sketch step by step with easy guidance.

The Eiffel Tower was know as the one of the most popular landmarks in Paris, France.

While making the Drawing of  the Eiffel Tower from a straight-on view will be the easiest.

Keep in mind that but you can also make it look more impressive by drawing it in 3D perspective.

Doing regular a little patience as well as practice, you’ll be able to draw it on your own!

Here are the steps to draw the Eiffel Tower.

Step 1 :

In 1st step, we have to Draw a straight guide line down the middle of your paper.
Now you have to Lay your paper vertically so you can fit the entire tower on your sheet.
For this we have to Use a pencil as well as the ruler to make a straight vertical line in the center of the page to use as your guide.
Since the Eiffel Tower is symmetrical, it will look the same on both sides of the line.
You have to Make sure there’s a small gap between the top and bottom of the page.
As well as the center line so you have room to draw the tip and legs of the tower.
We have to keep in mind that the drawing Work lightly so you can easily erase your marks if you make a mistake.
In this step we have to draw a square with a triangle on it on top of the line.
Also here The top of the Eiffel Tower has a viewing platform as well as the antenna that are shaped like a square.
But also the triangle when you look at them from the front.
Here we have to just Draw in a small square that’s about the size of your thumb nail at the top so the line goes through the middle of it.
One more important thing that, Don’t draw the square and triangle too big or else you won’t be able to draw the rest of the tower proportionally correct.

Step 3 :

Take help of Sketch 2 horizontal rectangles perpendicular to the line for the viewing platforms.
For this we have to find the halfway point of the center guide as well as make a narrow horizontal rectangle that’s about twice the width of the square.
After all these, find the halfway point between that rectangle as well as  the bottom of the line .
Here so you know where to place the second rectangle.
In second rectangle, draw about twice the length of the first one.

Step 4 :

But also we have to Make curved lines from the corners of the square to the corners of the bottom rectangle.

Now we have to draw Place with a pencil on one of the bottom corners of the square on top.

At now we have to Draw curved line down so it goes through the top corner of the upper rectangle as well as the ends at the top corner of the lower rectangle.

Now start to Repeat the process from the other bottom corner of the square on the opposite side of your tower.

Keep in mind that, we Don’t extend the curved lines all the way to the bottom of the page.

Since the legs on the bottom of the Eiffel Tower are straighter.

Thus we have to now, Draw curved lines that are parallel to the first ones you drew so they come from the center.

Let’s do Start your lines about a third of the way down the center guide for your tower.

After that we should have to Draw a line on one side of the guide so it follows the same curve as the line you just drew.

Atlast we have to draw, End the curved line so it’s about a third of the way in from the end of the bottom rectangle.

But also have to Draw another curved line on the opposite side of the guide following the curve on that side.

Step 6 :

Our next step ws to Put in 45-degree angled lines coming down from the bottom rectangle.

Next step was to Start your first line in one of the bottom corners of the lower rectangle.

As well as now you have to extend it down away from the center guide.

Thus we have to Once the end lines up with the bottom of the center guide, stop drawing the angle.

At final we have to Start the next angled line a third of the way from the end of the rectangle.

Above video was on :- “Eiffel Tower illusion sketch”.

When the ends of the angles line up, connect them with a straight horizontal line.

Here I am sharing my some other sketches of Eiffel Tower :-

How to draw Eiffel Tower step by step in 2021



How to draw Eiffel Tower step by step in 2021




How to draw Eiffel Tower step by step in 2021


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