How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch


How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch step by step in 2020


How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch

Hello friends, Today I will talk about my new Amazing sketch topic of :- “How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch step by step”.

So let’s start with this amazing sketch topic of :- How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch.

In this post, I will guide you for making the drawing of Ganpati Bappa step by step below.

Here are the easy steps for how to draw the bappa sketch with step by step guidance :-


Step 1 :

First take a paper on which sketch of own size, on which you have to make drawing.

Start drawing with light hands.

If any mistake done, we can erase it and agian start our work.

Use various drawing pencils available in markets.

Such as H, 2H, HB, and many more as you want.

Or you can directly use our regular pencils.

In starting, we have to draw a circle for Ganesha’s body as well as a smaller circle above it for his head.

Next was to draw two sausage-shapes beneath the big circle for his crossed legs.

How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch


Step 2 :

In step 2, we have to basically add Ganesha’s face, trunk as well as ears with bold, clean lines.

Now do make the torso’s reference circle as a guide for where the trunk as well as ears should end.

How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch

Step 3 :

Here let’s start to adding details to Ganesha’s crown and ears.

Also, Now Make the smaller items, because they are always easier to draw than the larger items.

But also you have keep less open space to over when you.

How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch


Step 4 :

In this 4th step, let’s start to fill in Ganesha’s neck details.

Now do make the outline for his torso — don’t forget his adorable love handles..

Let you can make the 2D depiction of this deity is starting to come along now.

How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch


Step 5 :

Here, It’s time to make drawing of the sitting god.

You can Do the extra detail in his trunk on the right is a hand.

Basically, Ganesha statue or drawing is often depicted with more than two arms.

In this sketch, The first hand seen here is holding a round object, most likely a round of sweetmeals.

Lord Ganesha is known for his fondness of sweet foods.

How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch


Step 6 :

In 6th step, now you can Add Ganesha’s last there hands take Refrence from the sketch.

In which One is opened with the palm facing you, a sign of blessing the people.

But also the another hand holds a lotus flower, which is the symbol of enlightenment as well as supreme reality.

The lotus was also the national flower of India.

Also last hand holds a hatchet or ax, which you can see in more clearly in our upcoming step.

The axe represents all the good as well as  bad getting cut away when enlightened.

Lord Ganesha is usually seen with other holding items such as a goad, pasha , but also his broken tusk.

As well as even a human head.

How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch


Step 7 :

In this step, start details that will elevate your work beyond a simple line drawing.

How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch


Step 8 :

But, you can also try to give him beads on the hems of his pants after.

How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch


Step 9 :

Here we have to draw the bappa’s coat.

Also you can draw designs on bappa coat which gave attractive look.

How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch


Step 10 :

Finally, Trace every line with a black as we’ll as do all important finishing as well as detailing work.

For better appearance, you can do colouring work on your sketch.

Here, you can also see a small tusk, or elephant’s tooth, on the right side as well as  on the left, a small broken one.

How to draw Ganpati Bappa sketch

After atlast, we have to do dark all the sketch by using sketchpens or pens as yoyr choice.

And most important, erase all the unnecessary lines we have drawn with light hands in starting. 2021

Finally we hve draw our Ganpati Bappa sketch by using the above steps.

For attractions of our sketch, you can do colouring to the drawing.

For the colouring work, you can use different kinds of colours.

Such as sketchpen, colour pencils, crayons, oil-pastels, pens, etc. and many more.




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