How to draw Taj Mahal sketch


How to draw Taj Mahal sketch step by step


How to draw Taj Mahal sketch


Hello friends, Today I will talk about my new Amazing sketch topic of :- “How to draw Taj Mahal sketch “.

Let’s begin with this amazing topic “How to draw Taj Mahal sketch step by step” process :-

-Take a paper, on that draw a grid by small rectangular shapes for our sketch as well as follow the below steps.

-But also we can takeout the print out for the base of construction lines.

-Also start drawing on tracing paper or you can draw the grid layout own by generally using the following steps…

1) First make a rectangle that will our boundaries of the chosen drawing.
2) Then from the middle of the rectangle, simply  draw a vertical as well as one horizontal line equally dividing the shape.
3) Then do Draw another horizontal line which equally dividing the upper half of the rectangle. But alsodraw a horizontal line equally dividing the bottom half of the rectangle.
4) Last step was to Draw a vertical line equally dividing the left half of the rectangle.

Also make a Similar vertical line equally dividing the right half of the rectangle.

How to draw Taj Mahal sketch


For making these sketch, we have to first Mark off the width as well as the height of the mahal.

Then we have to Show it with light lines, the main proportions of the Taj Mahal.

Also mark the guidelines, which it  will act as the center of it as well as its towers


How to draw Taj Mahal sketch


In 2nd step, we have to draw the Outline for general shape of the walls.

Do the marking lightly.

How to draw Taj Mahal sketch


Step 3

Add the Delineate cupolas of this Taj mahal as shown in figure.



4th step was to adding more lines to show the cupolas as well as the details on them.

How to draw Taj Mahal sketch



Now we have to do important works such as Defining the places for the windows as well as the wall decorations.

How to draw Taj Mahal sketch


Our 6th step was to draw the windows of the Taj Mahal.

By taking reference from sketch, you can draw these styles and designs of windows.

You can also add some design from your imagination or other reference for attractive looking.

How to draw Taj Mahal sketch



Thus we have completed most of the Work of our building.

Also we have to pay more attention during it’s detailing work.

By proper shading and bordering, it will look real.


How to draw Taj Mahal sketch


It’s the final step in which we have to do the Contour the Taj Mahal as well as to do detail it.

And most important was to Erase all guidelines which are unnecessary,  after completing our sketch

How to draw Taj Mahal sketch

Therefore, we have completed our Taj Mahal sketch by using the step by step perfectly.

By using own creativity, you can draw other things if you want.

Also you can apply colors to this sketch for perfect looking.


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