How to draw Virat Kohli sketch


How to draw Virat Kohli sketch step by step for beginner


How to draw Virat Kohli sketch

Hello friends, today I will talk about my new Amazing sketch made by me with my imagination as well as the creative ideas on :- “How to draw Virat Kohli sketch step by step for beginner”.

So let’s begin with this amazing sketch topic of  “How to draw Virat Kohli sketch for beginner”.

In this post I am sharing the easy steps for making this beautiful as well as attractive sketch step by step guidance.

Then stay tuned with this amazing post guys.

Here I will guide you to draw the sketch step by step :-

Step 1 :

In First step, we have to just draw the outline of the sketch you want to draw using grid method.

  -Now, you can chose size of each square as well as the value of N depending on your needs.

-If You are comfortable with have proper symmetry as well as the proportions.

How to draw Virat Kohli sketch


Step 2 :

 After that, here you can then do shading, now do starting from eyes, then nose and lips.

How to draw Virat Kohli sketch


Step 3 :

Then you have completed shading of a particular part.

But also you can go on with little bit of continue shading of other parts also like chin, forehead as well as hairs.

How to draw Virat Kohli sketch

Step 4 :

At last point, if you are doing it correctly, then you will start getting the feel of real sketch.

  -Then complete rest of the part like ears, neck as well as the shoulders.

We have to also start giving the proper final blending or finishing work to the sketch.

How to draw Virat Kohli sketch


Step 5 :

Now we have to do complete the remaining part like colour the T-shirt with oil pastels to give the sketch a finishing touch.

How to draw Virat Kohli sketch


Step 6 :

Also, some detailing as well as finishing can be done.

But also can colour the sketch after completion of our drawing.

Thus, we made our sketch of Virat kohli step by step.

Materials that, I have used to make this sketch are given below :-

1.HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B pencils (used 6B or 8B for drawing beard and hairs)

2.Pencil colours,

3.Oil pastels colours,

4.I have done blending using simple tissue paper and rubbing it wherever blending is needed.

Some Advice for the sketch for beginner :-
1.While drawing the outline and doing shading don’t make any hard pencil strokes.

2.Use it gently as you may need to erase things very often till you get a feeling of real sketch.

3.After that use hard pencil strokes wherever it is required.


You can also draw by watching this video on “How to draw Virat kohli sketch ” with proper guidance..!!!!

Watch it till end…

This will help you for making the sketch with easy steps.

You can also take help of internet or YouTube for such same reference sketch of Virat kohli.

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