Learn How to draw first painting in 2021

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Learn How to draw first painting in 2021

Learn How to draw first painting in 2021

Hello friends, How are you? I hope you all are safe and happy. So welcome back to my website. Today I will talk about my new Amazing post on :- “Learn How to draw first painting in 2021 “.

Learn How to draw first painting in 2021

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Here are the basic steps to draw our first painting for beginners.

Before starting our topic, we have to keep the things in minds. Below are the things mentioned.

1. Deciding Which  Paint to Use

Learn How to draw first painting in 2021

The first step is deciding what paint you are going to use for your painting work.

Basically, there are four main choices are oils (traditional or water-soluble), watercolors, acrylics, as well as the oil- pastels.

The use of colorsIt is depend on your own personal choice: If one type of paint doesn’t suit you, be can use different types.

Learn How to draw first painting in 2021

-Oil paint :-

1.Oil paints was a traditional artist’s medium. 2.It is pigment mixed with such oils as linseed, safflower, or poppy as well as the thinned with turpentine.

3.We can be used on supports that have been primed with gesso to protect the surface—which can even include paper—from the acid in the oil.

4.Basically the Oil paint was slow-drying, so the paint can stay wet on the palette as well as  workable on the painting for many days, making it easy to blend.

5.For the Cleanup or removal of these paints, we requires solvents such as turpentine or mineral spirits.

6.But also some amount of Water-soluble oils have been introduced in recent years, requiring only water to thin the paints and clean the brushes.

Learn How to draw first painting in 2021

-Watercolor paint :-

1.This was just another traditional medium as well as the  uses pigment mixed with a binder made of gum arabic. But aslo some additives to improve solubility and flow.

2.It is water-soluble, transparent. These comes in a tube, pan, but also in a liquid form.

3. These paint can be reactivated with water when dry also after reworked, even years after you finish your painting.

4.The convenience, portability, and easy cleanup—are some of the characteristics of these paints, which makes it a very popular medium for both finished works.

Learn How to draw first painting in 2021

-Acrylic paint :-

1.These was also known as more modern choice.

2. But also it becomes only recently became commercially available for artists in the 1950s. In these paints, the pigment is suspended in a plastic polymer.


2. Learning to Mix Colors

Learn How to draw first painting in 2021

-From my experience, mostly the Beginners often shy away from color as well as the  color mixing (especially when it’s labeled “color theory”).

-But also the basics of color mixing aren’t particularly complicated.

 -As per research, the Color as well as the  pigment provide so many different painting possibilities.

 We have to keep in mind that we have to embrace the challenge, learn, as well as  soon you’ll be mixing just the right tints, tones, and shades.

And, if you don’t want to waste the paint by throwing it away, use it with some white to do a monochrome painting or value exercise.

Remember one more important thing that, the Value is another term for tone, which refers to how light or dark the colors.

Check Out:-Creative Ways to Use Watercolors

Guys check out this video, you will definitely like this video.

3. The Steps in Making a Painting

Here I am sharing the steps for the creation of a painting vary from artist to artist as well as the develop over time.

But also the Many artists lightly sketch out the composition on a canvas, then block in the main areas of color across the canvas.

For beginners, we have to You can start with the larger shapes and work toward the smaller ones, gradually working on the detail.

4.Finding Ideas for Paintings

Here I am sharing some ideas on this topic for painting, Some days you will have more ideas than you can get down; others you may find yourself hunting around for inspiration.

Learn How to draw first painting in 2021

While doing paintings, we have to just do creativity journal can be very useful.

5. Important Tips

The best tips for beginner for doing paintings are regarding safety as well as the art materials should be obvious—sloppy work habits can be dangerous.

We have to just Avoid eating a sandwich with paint on your hands,. Here was the best example to Know what you’re using as well as the what precautions you need or want to take, but also where to find nontoxic art materials.

Do commenting as well as share it on social media.

You can also show your creativity as well as ideas in form of sketch.

Many changes also you can do as you need in the drawing.

Do more practice of this sketch, you will also draw same drawing easily.

By keeping regular practise of drawing.

By watching or searching you will also find other amazing drawing ideas.

You can then create your own drawings based on this.

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