My Amazing Smart City sketch designed by me

My Amazing Smart City sketch designed by me 

My Amazing Smart City sketch

Hello friends, so let’s begin with this amazing sketch topic of :- “My Amazing Smart City sketch designed by me “.

Let’s start with :-My Amazing Smart City sketch

Description of sketch :-

In this sketch of My Amazing Smart city sketch designed by me, I designed my best smart modern city with all modern facilities,to gave comfort to the local people.

In this sketch, I shown the following things which attracts more, they are :-

1.Road Intersections ,

My Amazing Smart City sketch



My Amazing Smart City sketch


2.Industrial Areas, 

My Amazing Smart City sketch


3.Advanced transportation system, 

My Amazing Smart City sketch


4.International Airport,

My Amazing Smart City sketch


5.Metro station. 

My Amazing Smart City sketch

Also, I show the smart facilities for the users in the city.

And, also I designed my new Amazing Smart City designed , which is uploaded below.

                    SMART CITY

A Smart City has some of the major functions such as:

  • a technology-based with modern facilities,
  • Good and fastest internet services in the city
  • also having high functioning public transportation system;
  • For humans to live and work within the city and utilize its resources.

A Smart city mainly depends on the ability to form a strong relation between the government and the private sector.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

The main aim of Smart City is to create and maintain a digital, modern facilities, good environment for the local people’s.

Also, there are CCTV camers for busy streets for security purposes.


Features of a Smart city projects :-

– In the transportation system, smart traffic management is used to monitor and keep views on the traffic flows.

– The main focusing part and main aim of the Smart cities is Energy saving, better health, good environment, modern and digital technologies,etc.

-Zero waste and proper disposal of other waste as well as proper techniques for waste management.

-Also, projects on green building are taken in many countries.

-More use of solar panels, wind turbines for power generation as well as water turbines can also used for power generation, instead of using coals, etc.

-This will reduce the pollution as well as also gree house gases.

– By using smart technology and using the smart sensors, the streetlights dim when there are no cars or users on the streets.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

– It is my dream smart city, planned with all the modern and advanced facilities to the peoples.

-India is also taking many projects on Smart cities.

-For making the Indian cities with advanced facilities.

-In India, many cities are developing as Smart city for example : Surat, Ahemdabad, Mumbai, Nashik, Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, Amritsar, etc. and many more cities are upgrading into the Smart cities.

This video is about the Indias Smart city.


This is my second Amazing Smart City sketch designed by me.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

     Description of the second sketch :-

In my this second amazing sketch :-

-The highrised towers,

-Futuristics skycrappers,

-Metro train facilities,

-Well-planned road systems,

My Amazing Smart City sketch

-Subways trains,

-Underpass roads with proper ventilation systems,

-Advanced infrastructural projects,

-Proper traffic flow facilities,

-Advanced security systems, etc.

I have also designed many such sketches of townplanning, 3D sketches, which I will share in my upcoming posts.

My Amazing Smart City sketch







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