My Amazing Smart City sketch designed by me


My Amazing Smart City sketch designed by me 


My Amazing Smart City sketch designed by me

Hello friends, so let’s begin with this amazing sketch topic of :- “My Amazing Smart City sketch designed by me “.

Let’s start with : “My Amazing Smart City sketch designed by me “.


About the sketch :-

In this sketch of My Amazing Smart city sketch designed by me.

But also,  I shown the following things which attracts more, they are :-

1.Road Intersections ,

My Amazing Smart City sketch

These are provided for smooth and easily traffic flows in the city.

My Amazing Smart City sketch


2.Industrial Areas, 

My Amazing Smart City sketch

They are build away  from the cities.

Because,   they do not harm the people in the cities.

3.Advanced transportation system, 

My Amazing Smart City sketch

This plays an important roles for development of nation, but also of the country.

Due to this reason, advance transport systems   may provided in smart cities.

Increase in mode of transport facilities, there is boost in developing of nation.


4.International Airport,

My Amazing Smart City sketch

In sketch, an international airport has also been shown.

Proper mode of transport system to reach airport is provided.

It is  connected with road as well as by metro trains

5.Metro station. 

My Amazing Smart City sketch

In this sketch, also Metro Station is designed.



This video is about “How to draw a Smart-city” by using 3D-point view”🔥🔥





What isa Smart City?  -I describe in above video…

My Amazing Smart City sketch

A Smart City has some of the major functions such as:

  • a technology-based with modern facilities,
  • Good and fastest internet services in the city
  • also having high functioning public transportation system;
  • For humans to live and work within the city as well as  utilize its resources.

A Smart city mainly depends on the ability to form a strong relation between the government as well as  the private sector.

The main aim of Smart City is to create and maintain a digital, modern facilities, good environment for the local people’s.

Also, there are CCTV camers for busy streets for security purposes.


Features of a Smart city projects :-

– In the transport system, smart traffic management is used to monitor and keep views on the traffic flows.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

– The main focusing part as well as  main aim of the Smart cities is Energy saving, better health, good environment, modern and digital technologies,etc.

-Zero waste and proper disposal of other waste as well as proper techniques for waste management.


-But the projects on green building are taken in many countries.

-More use of solar panels, wind turbines for power generation as well as water turbines can also used for power generation, instead of using coals, etc.

-This will reduce the pollution as well as also gree house gases.

– By using smart technology and using the smart sensors, the streetlights dim when there are no cars or users on the streets.

-Proper transport systems  may be provided for easy traffic flow.

An Amazing Smart City Sketch designed by me

-By providing road-intersections, bridges, overpasses, etc. for smooth traffic flows.

-India is also taking many projects on Smart cities.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

-In India, many cities are developing as Smart city for example : Surat, Ahemdabad, Mumbai, Nashik, Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, Amritsar, etc.

Andd many more cities are upgrading into the Smart cities.

This video is about the Indias Smart city.





Here are the Examples of smart city technologies and programs have been implemented in cities like :-




4.Milton Keynes,







These cities are taking action in developing broadband networks as well as e-services sustaining innovation ecosystems, growth

There are a number of cities working on the smart city strate :-


1.Amsterdam :

The Amsterdam smart city starts includes 170+ projects developed by local residents, government and businesses in 2009.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

This  City of claims the purpose of the projects is to reduce traffic, save energy but also to  improve public safety.

These Smart City Challenge annually, accepting proposals for applications and developments that fit within the City’s framework.

A resident developed app is Mobypark.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

In this ownersallow of parking spaces to rent them out to people for a fee.

Th e data generated from this app can then be used by the City to determine parking demand and traffic flows.

To reduce the energy use, a number of homes have also been provided with smart energy meters.

2.Barcelona :

This city was established a number of projects that can be considered as ‘smart city’.

For example: A sensor technology has been used in the irrigation system in Parc del Centre de Poblenou.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

These   city has also designed a new bus network based on data analysis of the most common traffic flows.

This uses primarily vertical, horizontal and diagonal routes with a number of interchanges.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

Using of multiple smart city technologies can be seen through use of smart traffic lights

In this, the buses run on routes designed to optimise the number of green lights.


3.Columbus, Ohio :

The  City of Columbus began its pursuit of a smart city initiative in Summer 2017.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

Most of the smart cities are using agreements such as this one to prepare for climate change,  convert existing public vehicle fleets to electric cars.

As well as  also, create chances  for people to share rides.

My Amazing Smart City sketch


4.Copenhagen :

This city claimed the prestigious World Smart Cities Award for its “Connecting Copenhagen” smart city development strategy.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

Technical and Environmental Administration of Smart-City  ideas are coordinated by Copenhagen Solutions Lab.

In many cities around the world, air-quality is high on the agenda comes to liveability, with 68 percent of citizens.

It is of high importance when it comes to what makes their city attractive.

To monitor pollution levels, their Labs currently working with Google.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

They installed monitoring equipment in their streetview car .

These produce a heatmap of air quality around the city.

5.Dubai :

The Smart Dubai project was started  by Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president of UAE, in 2013.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

This contain more than 100 initiatives to make Dubai as a Smart city by 2030.

These project includes many private as well as   public sectors.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

These projects include the Dubai Autonomous Transport Strategy to create driverless transits, fully digitizing government, business and customer information and transactions by 2021.

The apps such as mPay and DubaiNow, facilitate various payment services for citizens.

This  ranging from   traffic fines to educational, health, transport, and business, etc.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

The Dubai Municipality’s Digital City initiative which gives each building a unique QR code that citizens can scan containing information about the building, plot as well as the location.


6.London :

They have their, traffic management system known as SCOOT optimises green light time at traffic intersections by feeding back magnetometer and inductive loop data to a supercomputer.

But also these can co-ordinate traffic lights across the city to improve traffic flows throughout.

7.Madrid :

Spain (Madrid) has adopted the MiNT Madrid Smarter platform to integrate the management of local services.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

They includes sustainable and computerized management of infrastructure, garbage collection as well as recycling,  public spaces and green areas.

This programme is run in partnership with IBMS INSA, making use of Big Data and analytics capabilities and experiences.

My Amazing Smart City sketch


8.Manchester :

Manchester’s CityVerve project was choose as the winner of a government-led technology competition .

My Amazing Smart City sketch

But also awarded with £10m to develop an Internet of Things(IoT) smart city demonstrator in Dec, 2015.

It was Established on July 2016.

My Amazing Smart City sketch



9.Milan :

Milan (Italy)  start his smart strategies by the European Union’s Smart Cities as well as the  Communities initiative.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

They focus more on social rather than environmental sustainability .

This really works for their smart city project.

My Amazing Smart City sketch


10.Moscow :

This city has been using smart solutions since 2011 by creating the main infrastructure as well as local networks.

But from few years Government started a number of programs, contributing to its IT development.

Moscow Mayor announced the city’s smart city project, aimed of using modern technologies in all areas of city life in in 2018.

Smart City technologies have been deploy in healthcare, education, transport and municipal services.

11.New York :

New York City is developing a number of smart city initiatives.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

The city service kiosks in the LinkNYC network provide services including free WiFi, phone calls, device charging stations, local wayfinding, etc. 

My Amazing Smart City sketch

12.San Leandro :

San Leandro (California) is in the midst of changing from an industrial center to a tech hub.

The technology that lets devices communicate with each other over the Internet.

The company PG&E is working with the city as well as on a smart energy pilot program that would develop a distributed energy network across the city.

13.Santa Cruz :

The use of smart city technology can be found in Santa Cruz, California.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

But the use of ICT is different to the manner in which European cities utilise smart city technology, possibly highlights the breadth of Smart city concept in different parts of the world.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

14.Shanghai :

This developing the IoT and internet connection speeds have allowed for 3rd party companies to increase the productivity of the city.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

The Shanghai is furthering their smart city agenda.

They focused on smart mobility, but also to use smart sensors to accept smartphone traffic cards in all metro stations as well as buses to increase efficiency in the city.

15..Singapore :

Singapore was transforming towards a “Smart Nation”.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

To harness the power of networks, data as well as info-comm technologies as well as improve living, create economic chances.

My Amazing Smart City sketch



16.Stockholm :

In this Private companies are able to lease fibre as service providers on equal terms.

Stockholm has created a Green IT strategy.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

The Green IT program seeks to reduce the environmental impact through IT functions such as energy efficient buildings.

The GPS analytics, allowing residents to plan their route through the city.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

There is an district-specific smart city technology in the Kista Science City region.

17.Taipei :

Taipei started the “smarttaipei” project in 2016.

The City government established the “Taipei Smart City Project Management Office”.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

To Start the use and governance the development of smart city.

They are building an innovation platform to combine industry but also the government resources to develop smart solutions that satisfy public demand.

My Amazing Smart City sketch



The Dublin  was an unexpected capital for smart cities found itself.

My Amazing Smart City sketch

They have an four Local Authorities to engage with smart technology providers, researchers as well as  citizens to solve city challenges but also improve City life.

They open data platform that hosts open source data to smart city applications.



20.Malta, etc. 

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In this video, you will get idea about :- ” How to draw a Smart-City sketch”…


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