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My Civil Engineering designed cover designed by me | July 2020

My Civil Engineering mobile cover designed by me 

My Civil Engineering mobile cover designed by me

So, let’s continue with the topic of “My Civil Engineering mobile cover designed by me “.

In this sketch,  the subjects which all the Civil Engineering students want to learn are given in this content itself learn are shortly mentioned in way of the sketch.

This sketch shows a general idea about Civil Engineering in an easy manner.

Civil Engineering is the branch that deals with the planning, designing, construction & maintenance of all structures such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewerage systems, pipelines, and also structural components of buildings, railways, etc.

– Civil engineering has an important contribution to public health, safety, and standard of living.

They also help in reducing and treating the pollutuon present in environment by various ways.

They have a lot of scope in planning, designing, construction and maintenance industries.

In Private as well as government sector there are too much increasing demand for the civil engineers.

There are too much wide scopes in Civil-engineering branch than any other engineering branch.

According to the career plan, Civil engineering students can achieve their success in their career.

I have too share my personal thing that, I mostly like to sketch high rise structures,skycrappers,trains,modern & luxurious vehicles, etc.

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