My Fastest Bullet Train sketch

My Fastest Bullet Train sketch in 2020



My Fastest Bullet Train sketch


Hello friends, Today I will talk about my new Amazing sketch made by me with my imagination and creative ideas of : 

“My Fastest Bullet Train sketch”.

Let’s start with “My Fastest Bullet Train sketch”.

        Description of sketch :- 

In this sketch, I designed my own Bullet-train designed with my imagination and creative ideas.

Also I upload my other designs.


Bullet Train 

Let’s begin with “My Fastest Bullet Train sketch”.

The Bullet train is a type of passenger train which operates on Japan’s high-speed railway network.

It is capable of reaching a maximum speed of more than 320kmph.

But also This train offers the riders an unique and more comfort travel experience.

My Fastest Bullet Train sketch in 2020


          Bullet-Train project in India 

The Ahemdabad to Mumbai was the first Bullet-train project in India which is finalised.

My Fastest Bullet Train sketch

The Tata as well as L&T among bidders for one of the biggest tenders.

This includes the four stations namely Surat, Vapi, Billimora and Bharuch which includes 24 river as well as 30 road crossings.

Indian railways is gearing up for the country’s first Bullet-train project.

My Fastest Bullet Train sketch

This route will mostly be an elevated route, with the exception of a 7 Km long undersea tunnel for the Indian Bullet-train project

On 23 September 2020, for the design as well as construction of 237 km length of mainline.

In the competitive bidding, total of three bidders involving seven big firms are participated  :-

1.IRCON International Limited – Afcons Infrastructure Limited – JMC Projects India Limited Consortium;

2. L&T  Limited;

3.Tata Project Limited – J. Kumar Infra Projects Limited – NCC Limited – HSR Consortium.

This Bullet train project is being developed on Japanese E5 Shinkansen technology.

Which has being implemented by the National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited. 

Rs 1.08 lakh crore is being invested for this development of project.

The distance between Mumbai and Ahmedabad will covered in just two hours, due to this high speed train project.


My Fastest Bullet Train sketch


This train project will generate over 90,000 direct and indirect jobs during the construction period.

Also, the production and manufacturing markets are likely to gain with the high speed rail corridor project.

My Fastest Bullet Train sketch

For this project, nearly 21 lakh MT of steel, 75 lakh MT of cement as well as 1.4 lakh MT of structural steel are estimated to be used in the construction.

These all materials will manufactured in India.

With this high speed corridor project, the National transporter had sanctioned the easy studies for seven more high speed rail corridors.

My Fastest Bullet Train sketch

Along with these feasibility studies, these have  permitted for these corridors :-

1.Delhi – Amritsar high speed rail corridor, 2.Varanasi – Howrah high speed rail corridor, 3.Delhi – Varanasi high speed rail corridor,

4.Delhi – Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor, 5.Mumbai – Hyderabad high speed rail corridor,

6.Mumbai – Nagpur high speed rail corridor, 7.Chennai – Mysore high speed rail corridor.


My Fastest Bullet Train sketch

For achieving the  high speeds for this trains :-

During the designing of rail network for the high speed train, there is no obstacles in its path.

The railway route for these tains may not affected by slower locals as well as the freight trains.

My Fastest Bullet Train sketch

The route that the super-fast train takes is generally different from what normal trains would follow.

The route of this high speed train is selected by passing tracks through the tunnels as well as the viaducts.

Instead of going around them. 

My Fastest Bullet Train sketch

This considerably reducing travel time. 

The power supplied by using electrified lines with a 25 kV AC overhead power supply.

My Fastest Bullet Train sketch

The axles in these train are all motorised.

Which results in higher than usual acceleration as compared to other train technology.

This is the key reason for why the train does not lose much time even while stopping frequently.

ATC system runs the entire network for safety as well as navigation purpose.

My Fastest Bullet Train sketch

This system warns the train driver related to speed indications and in the audible warnings in case, the train passes its allowed speed.

ATC system will directly apply the brakes to train, if driver does not pay attention to the warnings generated by the system.

My Fastest Bullet Train sketch

This Bullet train project will end upto in 2022, if all goes as planned.

In India , the Rajdhani Express which travels at a speed of 160 Km/h currently. 


This video is about thw Top 10 World’s fastest Trains in the world 2019.



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